National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

This week is National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, and the physicians at Gulf Coast Health Care would like to raise awareness of the importance of this effective short-term care. Our rehabilitation teams work hand-in-hand with our physicians and skilled nurses to help patients restore strength, mobility, coordination and balance as well as improve any verbal and … Continued

Vera Del Mar Health and Rehabilitation Center has been featured in the May 2020 edition of Viera Voice.

These are challenging times for all area residents, but mothers who are working on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19 have been able to balance helping the community with taking care of their families. Leslie Friedman, director of nursing at Viera Del Mar Health & Rehabilitation Center is another mom helping the community in … Continued

Healthy Nutrition as We Age

Healthy Nutrition and Aging Healthy nutrition is important no matter how old you are, but the older we get, the more important it is to fuel our bodies with the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Physiological changes that occur naturally as we age can lead to reduced appetite and decreased food intake, and while … Continued